My family has lived in New Mexico for over 40 years. A few years ago, my elderly mother moved to Santa Fe and I followed her. I am honored to embrace the warmth and culture of New Mexico, my home, after spending years navigating the cosmopolitan pace and frenzy of New York City. While living here, I have learned about the many wonderful things the state has to offer and the very real challenges that people face as well. I believe that New Mexico is the place to be and think that the world needs to know.

I’m a small business owner, an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker, a son, a brother, and I want to be your next Congressperson and bring my national perspective to promoting this wonderful state.

My personal philosophy:

  • New Mexico is a great state, but too many of our citizens are moving away. I’ll  work hard to make this a place where people want to stay – and to come. We  need to create an environment appealing to out-of-state employers who can  bring their companies and new jobs to New Mexicans.
  • We cannot run our country or our state with deficit spending. If we utilize a  FairTax system which eliminates all personal, corporate, and payroll taxes and  replaces with a consumption tax, you pay for what you use, we can keep more  money in our pockets.
  • Competition would make our schools better. Why not let parents have an option  where to send their children to school and provide them a voucher to pay for it?  Education standards would improve and we can significantly improve our high  school graduation rate.
  • Health Care should be run by a free market system by the state, and Medicare  and Medicaid rules should be determined at a state-level as well. Patient  contributions can be scaled according to ability to pay.